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Product specialist Malc Deakin will be offering help and guidance on how to attain that total Hammond experience  and  at some events, there will also be opportunities to jam with the Hammond band and even record your own performances.

About Hammond Player

From the numerous exhibitions and shows over the last years, Hammond Organ UK have discovered just how many people not only came to see and hear  the new instruments, but also wanted to know just how to create and use  that  very exclusive Hammond sound and performance technique.

Many complete beginners and  accomplished musicians alike were anxious to learn all about Hammond, especially how to achieve those iconic B3 jazz and blues styles.

To satisfy this need for both product and performance information, the Hammond team will be again touring the UK soon with a mix of one and two day workshop clinics featuring the new XK-3c, Pro XK-System. B3 organs  and Leslie speakers. 

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